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What IS The G2:10 Outreach?

On a weekly basis, we not only bring a meal and supplies to those in need but, most importantly, we bring the Gospel of Jesus!  A message is preached and there are times of Bible Study and Q&A while volunteers serve food and pray with those who need it. We've incorporated something we feel to be unique to this ministry in that we spend time with everyone, getting to know them and connecting, while serving. 

What Does G2:10 Mean?

In Galatians 2, The Apostle Paul and Barnabas are being sent out to proclaim and teach the good news that Jesus died for sinners and rose from the dead. They passionately taught that by believing on Him, you would receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  This is essential to our ministry and life as Christians but there was one more thing they were charged with...
Galatians 2:10 (G2:10) then says they were, also, urged to remember the poor while they went about their duty.  We see that they were not only willing to remember the poor but, also, glad to do so. You see, when you understand the grace of God and just how amazing He has been to you in providing salvation, every good thing, and literally each and every breath you take, it’s easy to be motivated to love, serve and give to others. We love because He first loved us.
G2:10 operates in the framework of this verse: With love; preaching the gospel and remembering the poor.



How You Can Help

First off we would encourage you to follow along with us on our Facebook Page to stay updated with the ministry and PLEASE remember us in your prayers.

Secondly, there are weekly and seasonal ministry needs that we send out on that page, as well, that if you prayerfully consider donating, we would appreciate it.  Many folks enjoy coming along and donating their time to serve with us, making a meal, or even  providing the supplies so that we can do what we do.