Build on truth

Whether you're new to Christianity or just want build upon your faith, this collection of resources will be really beneficial for you!  The teachings and sites below can help you dive deeper into a variety of different topics.  While we are Non-Denominational, we purposely have multiple styles and parts of the Church represented to promote unity within the body of Christ and to give you, what we believe to be, a balanced perspective on the Biblical truth that we affirm.  Keep checking back for added resources!

you've Got Questions

Christian Apologetics Resource Ministry (CARM)

Answers In Genesis


bible study

Aletheia Church's YouTube Bible Study And Past Messages

Verse-By-Verse With Pastor Joe Focht


Shine As Lights Podcast & KIDScast

Cross To Crown Podcast

Bible In The Raw

The Bible

Can We Trust the Bible?

Why I Can Believe The Bible


The Sufficiency of Scripture

How We Got Our Bibles (Deeper Discussion)

The Gospel

The Most Terrifying Truth of Scripture: God is Good

Just Stop and Think


True and False Conversions


Which Jesus do you follow?

Jesus and the Gospel

If Jesus Was Your Pastor

Christian Life

Go Clean Your Room

Called to Authentic Christianity

The Priesthood Of All Believers

Spiritual Warfare


Pray And Be Alone With God

Something is Missing

Persistence in Prayer

The Church


Church The NCT Way

Elder Rule Through Consensus

Participatory Worship

The Lord’s Supper: An Actual Meal

This is Discipleship

Divided (The Movie)

Ten Indictments of the Modern Church


Cry of the Unreached

What Are You Doing


Three Minutes To Live

New Covenant Evangelism

Evangelism 101

Why Won't They Listen?

Proof That God Exists (website)

The Irrefutable Proof of God

Boldness in Evangelism

The Ultimate Proof of Creation

Evangelistic Movies



Evolution VS. God


Be A Man, Biblically

Speaking On Manhood

Ten Resolutions of Manly Honor


Restoring Biblical Womanhood

For the Wives

Roles in Public Worship

Pursuing Purity

Flee Sexual Immorality

What About Dating?

Setting Boundaries

The Family

God’s Design For Marriage

Build My House, O Lord

You and Me, Forever (Living in Light of Eternity)

Centrality of the Home

Few Tips for Parents

The Full Picture

Educating, Training and Discipling Your Children

Biblical Perspective On Marriage And Divorce